graphene TCPG, extreme thermal conductivity

by Jay, 7 years ago
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Demonstration of the amazing thermal properties of TCPG. Layers of endless perfect aligned Graphite crystals showing an amazing thermal conductivity of 1900 W/mK in the X-Y plane. Not yet close to the perfect Graphene which theoretical value is 4400 W/mK More than double the thermal conductivity of pure Diamond. Still TCPG thermal conductivity is 5x better compared to Copper and Silver. Building TCPG in your Aluminium design (package) will boost the thermal properties of your Aluminium design Even better is the diffusivity, the heat transfer speed. Because of the low specific weight compared to Copper (4x lower), the heat transfer is 12x higher compared to Copper. Touching the icecube, you will feel the cold reaching your fingers in 1 second. With Copper it will take around 12 seconds over the same distance. TCPG is still pretty expensive because the energy that is used to reach the extreme temperature of 3150 Celsius to process the material. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.