Episode 10 - Parkinson's disease and the basal ganglia.

by Jay, 5 years ago
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What are the brain changes that cause Parkinson's disease? In this special episode, Steven Miller traveled to Japan to discuss the current research on this subject with Professor Gordon Arbuthnott from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. Website: Facebook: "0:44" Background information on the basal ganglia and its relation to Parkinson's disease. "7:28" Professor Arbuthnott's work involving growing cultures of neurons in artificial environments. "9:27" Patch-recording to understand how neurons are connected to each other. "13:07" Deep brain stimulation: a method to alleviate symptoms of Parkinson's disease. "16:48" Hermina Nedelescu and Mohamed Abdelhack talk about another line of research conducted at the OIST, on the neuroanatomy of the cerebellum. Narration by Diana L. Xie, Interviews by Steven L. Miller.