A Response to Lars Andersen: a New Level of Archery

by Jay, 7 years ago
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Lars Andersen original vid: http://youtu.be/BEG-ly9tQGk That's Not Funny full documentary: http://youtu.be/phXwtz12_Ew Written and Narrated by Anna Maltese Produced and Edited by John Rael Videography and Photography by Matt David Additional Photography by John Rael Music By: Music from That's Not Funny composed and performed by James M. Garren JamesMGarren.com Peach Stealing Monkeys Kevin MacLeod Snopes Article: http://www.snopes.com/info/news/larsandersen.asp GeekDad Article: http://geekdad.com/2015/01/danish-archer/ Explanation of shooting chain mail: http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/17451/does-chain-mail-protect-against-arrows Archery - Fast Shooting (Murmansk) http://youtu.be/1o9RGnujlkI Archers Paradox up to the Limit !!! Extended Version http://youtu.be/96KGWC0PB6s Byron Ferguson's Incredible Archery Shots http://youtu.be/ejiv2E6f1sA