How well do you know Aerodynamics?

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1: Laminar vs Turbulent
2: Engines are Optimized
3: Supersonic Opposite of Intuition
4: Dynamic vs Static Stability
5: High to Low Pressure


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Script (if you don’t like my voice)

Get ready to know 90% of applicable Aerodynamics knowledge you’d learn if you majored in it in college in less than 6 minutes.
--Section 1
-classify laminar vs turbulent
-yin and yang
-viscosity vs momentum
-viscosity=syrup or motor oil
-that’s right, fluid friction
-momentum is basically velocity
-imagine kindergarteners at playground
-now imagine them in syrup up to their ankles
-going to be much more orderly right?
-this is basically the idea
-high momentum flow is less orderly
-equation describes Reynolds equation
-ratio of momentum to viscous
-if you want to discipline kids/siblings say Reynolds number too high
-Section 2
-engines aren’t bad or good, just optimized differently
-next time in a pool, I want you to make a Jet engine
-that’s all engines are, Jet=jettison
-from Newton’s 3rd if we put a force forward, object will put force back
-from Newton’s 2nd, Force=mass*acceleration
-can either get thrust with big mass or big velocity
-take a big object and throw it behind you (basketball)
-take a little object and throw it faster (baseball)
-move a lot of mass more efficient because don’t have to spend as much energy changing velocity
-move a small amount of mass to high velocities are more powerful because can burn all incoming air
--Section 3
-Supersonic behavior much stranger than subsonic behavior
-you probably what cause a shock wave
-here’s what you may not know
-we all know put finger on hose
-if that water was supersonic, you would decrease speed
-increasing heat actually slows down supersonic
-increasing friction speeds up
-reason is that information propagates at speed of sound
-so if information propagating slower than moving, going to slow it down
--Section 4
-Dynamically stable vs statically stable
-after disturbance
-static = initial tendency
-dynamic = over time
-illustrate this with a meme
-notice the girl is statically unstable but dynamically stable
-guy is statically stable and dynamically unstable
-I’ll let you decide which is better for relationships
-for Aerodynamics, again, it is not bad or good, just optimized
-F-16s are statically unstable, maneuverable
-airliners are statically stable
-in general, you want to be dynamically stable
--Section 5
-most important
-air (fluid) moves from high to low pressure
-think of air as stupid person in traffic
-only care about going to easiest lane
-a straw
-you don’t suck liquid
-you suck air out and low pressure moves liquid
-if watching the weather channel, avoid low pressure
-turbulent (momentum) + laminar (viscosity)
-engines not better/worse, optimized
-supersonic reverse of intuition
-static (initial) vs dynamic (long term) stability
-air moves from high to low pressure