Secret notes your piano is keeping from you

by Super User, 5 years ago
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There are so many other notes.

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Max Headroom incident AMA:

'Toward the Continuum' microtonal composition by Dolores Catherino, played on a Tonal Plexus:

Bharat Sangeet Utsav 2014 - Carnatic Music Concert by Amritha Murali:

Kaise Din Kate Hai (Indian Classical Vocal) | Bhaktimala Bhajans | Shruti Sadolikar Katkar:

Indonesian gamelan medley from Java, Sunda and Bali:

Schoenberg - Three Piano Pieces, No. 1 (with sheet music):

Black Flag - The Process Of Weeding Out:

MonoNeon :: Microtonal Bass :: ("FREEAK HER IN QUARTER TONES"):

My explanation of the H-Pi Instruments Tonal Plexus microtonal keyboard:

World's first performance on the Fluid Piano - Utsav Lal plays Raga Bhairav Alaap-Jod-Jhalla:

World's first performance on the Fluid Piano - Pam Chowhan - Infinite Reflections:

Microtonal Guitar Playthrough (Mathcore/Grind):

Ron Sword at Berklee, Bohlen-Pierce Symposium 2010:

Last Sacrament - Material Identity:

Microtonal Guitar (Part 1) - Tolgahan Çoğulu - Maqam Music:

Harry Partch - Music Studio - Part 1 of 2:

Part 3 of 3 - Harry Partch and his Strange Musical Instruments:

Microtonal Guitar shredding / Tab "Emptiness Denial" by Last Sacrament (Ron Sword):


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