The Green Fairy aka Absinthe - Why Would You Eat That?

by Super User, 4 years ago
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This week's licorice flavored green spirit is more commonly associated with France, bohemians, and slowly going insane as wormwood turns parts of your brain to sponge. The boys thus decided to look into the history and contents of the green fairy, and feed it to the office to see who would lose their shBEEP. Subscribe for more food oddities:

Everyone in the office is a winner this week as Michael Truly and Chris Legarce of Why Would You Eat That? explore the bohemian sensation -- absinthe. This chartreuse-colored liquor is made by distilling fennel, wormwood, and anise after a fermentation process. It then gets its traditional milky green color from the slow addition of sugar. The heavy licorice-tasting alcohol became popular in France after bugs killed grapes and people didn't have wine. Then people drank too much and because man-eating zombies or murders or something... Just watch the episode, it'll tell you. Plus, you can see what happens when we drink it in the office.

Have you ever tried real absinthe? What did you think? Are you a fan? Who has the best reactions this week?

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