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One of the most famous stories from the sort of cricket involves numbers, averages, and a duck.
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Archive footage courtesy of AP Archive:

* Batting average list shown was current in December 2017. It includes one still active player (Australian Steve Smith) whose average will change. It is a list that uses a threshold of 20 matches minimum. Different lists use different minimums for matches, innings, or runs scored to weed out freakish cases.

** Comparing athletes, especially across sports, is notoriously difficult and more of a conversation starter than exact science. An interesting article here:

*** A lower "not out" score in Bradman's next innings would also have made a 100+ average possible, but that's a very unlikely scenario in the "first innings" of a match. I did not want the video getting bogged down by intricacies and unlikely scenarios. In case you are curious, here is the scorecard for the next match Australia played...

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