In Tune with Time - Watchmaker Masahiro Kikuno [1080p]

by Super User, 6 years ago
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Masahiro Kikuno is a master craftsman who belongs to an exclusive international group of independent watchmakers. These consummate artists create timepieces that reflect their deepest ideals, with no connection to commercial watch manufacturers. Kikuno's creations are deeply influenced by traditional Japanese culture. He's fascinated by a masterpiece called the Myriad Year Clock, which was built by a 19th-century Japanese mechanical genius. Containing over a thousand hand-made parts, the clock is a marvel of complex and precise engineering. Kikuno seeks to transcend that old master's achievement by giving the clock a modern rebirth in the form of an elegant wristwatch. This program documents Kikuno's exacting methods of designing and hand-machining all of the delicate parts needed to create a modern masterpiece.