Could Two-Dimensional Life Exist?

by Super User, 5 years ago
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It has long been thought that life cannot exist outside of our 3-dimensional universe (3+1 universe), that is, our universe that has three spatial dimensions and one dimension of time. This is because it has been the assumption of scientists that a 2D universe cannot have enough mathematical complexity to support the evolution of life, nor could they support the development of gravity necessary for cosmological objects to form.

One scientist has recently called into question this long-held assumption. He thinks that not only is gravity possible in a 2D universe, but that the formation of complex networks capable of sustaining life is possible too. He achieves this conclusion by using examples of 2D neural networks that would be capable of carrying out complex processes in the same way the human brain does. He cannot prove life exists in a 2D universe somewhere out there, but his new calculations show our beliefs that life can only exist in a 3D space are likely incorrect.

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