Nuclear Flask Endurance Testing in USA

by Jay, 8 years ago
0 0 A nuclear flask made out of 280 tons of solid steel. It is important that these flasks are safe so they are tested extensively! At one of the tests where the flask was filled with water and dropped from some height a stream of water was spotted to leak out. This was unacceptable and further improvements to the flask were made. To prove that they are safe now one was put on a train moving 100mph (~160km/h) and was crashed into another one located end of train track. The explosion was pretty massive. There was some buckling and some scaring on the metal of the flask but pressure tests revealed that the contents was safe. Similar tests go on around the world. A different test in Albuquerque. New Mexico and a different flask on a lorry. The train hurtles towards the lorry. The train is destroyed by the flask survives the 80 mph impack (~130 km/h). Then another test. A flask is put on rocket powered truck and smashed into a concrete wall. At 60mph (100km/h), the flask is unharmed, there is not even enough damage to measure. So they load it on another truck and do it all again but this time faster at 80mph. At first the flask does look as if it is damaged. But it's just a little of lorry debri. So they put it on a train powered by a rocket sled. Although everything around is damaged, the flask itself is fine. So they make the final test putting it to 14000 deg's fahrenheit (8000 C). The flask kept cool. It survived everything they threw at it. --- It's Never too Late to Study: --- Notice: This video is copyright by its respectful owners. The website address on the video does not mean anything. ---