The Observable Universe (accurately scaled zoom out from Earth)

by Jay, 10 years ago
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-This video illustrates the scaled size of our universe from quarks to the entirety of the observable universe. Each circle used in the video represents a scale factor of 10; meaning each larger circle is zoomed out 10x more than its predecessor. ( i.e. after 1 circle you are now looking at 10x larger horizon, after 2 circles 100x, 3 would be 1000x, and so forth. This also applies to the speed, ignoring relativistic effects, at which the observer (you) would be traveling.) -- If viewing this doesn't leave you in absolute awe then you did not understand what you have just watched. ---- This video is an edit I made from The original music used was extremely fruity and didn't do the video justice, so I decided to sync music from "Creation" by Audiomachine to match the unimaginable grandeur of what this video attempts to illustrate. All credit goes to the original uploaders and their sources. *EDIT: Please note that the zoom out from 2:26 - 2:34 is a simplistic model of the theoretical mutliverse intended to aid conceptualization. While current leading theories postulate the possible existence of other universes, (and even an infinite amount of universes) they would not exist in a space 'outside' of our universe as depicted. I apologize if this representation is misleading, however it is for the sake of reducing the abstractness of the content to make it more accessible to a wider range of viewers.