Trick Opening Boxes - Part 1

by Jay, 10 years ago
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Tim has quite a number of trick opening boxes in his collection, and here he demonstrates some of the mechanisms on which they are based. First up - boxes with sliding sides and panels. These have been around for a very long time, and sometimes they can just involve one or two moves, before you can open the box, but in other cases there can be 20, 30 or even more moves, before the box finally opens. Then there are boxes which requite you to hold them in a particular place or orientation, and then they can be opened. The next toy needs to be spun around on the table, and the resulting centrifugal force moves the internal metal pins in such as way that the box can now be opened. Then there is a box with a weak magnet inside. You need to tap or knock the box in just the right place, and with the right degree of firmness, and this will cause the magnet to lose its grip on the mechanism, and allow the box to open. Finally we have a box which contains a hidden internal maze, and you need to navigate a ball bearing from one end of the maze to the other, in order to release the drawer.