Jumping spider courtship (Habronattus pyrrithrix) in 4K w. Panasonic GH4

by Jay, 10 years ago
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Habronattus is a diverse and colorful genus of jumping spiders. They live in the southwestern US, Mexico and into central America. Like the Australian peacock spiders, male Habronattus try to woo their females with spectacular courtship dances. These dances are made up of different phases containing visual and vibratory elements. In this video, we see a full courtship sequence with escalating male display and attempted mating. This recording is part of a number of tests we did to see how good the Panasonic GH4 is for macro video. Filmed in a greenhouse at U Pitt with added artificial light. We research the visual system of these spiders, at the moment specifically their color vision and how females perceive these colorful courtship dances. More about our research here: http://www.danielzurek.com http://www.biology.pitt.edu/person/nathan-morehouse Twitter: @arachnarchy, @sa_echeverri, @zapkapow