This House Believes Israel is a Rogue State

by Jay, 9 years ago
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RESULT: Ayes 51%, Noes 19%, Abstentions 30%. Representing a 7% swing to the proposition from the pre-debate vote to the post-debate vote. The Israel/Palestine crisis has existed since Israel’s formation; with neither side gaining the upper hand despite decades of suffering. In this debate we turned to Israel, and asked whether it was time we declared them a rogue state. ****************** PROPOSITION ****************** Dr Norman Finkelstein is a Jewish American political scientist, activist, professor, and author, whose primary fields of research include the Israel–Palestine conflict. He is currently working on his next book, ‘How to Solve the Israel-Palestine Conflict.’ Prof. Ghada Karmi is a Palestinian author and academic who was made to leave Jerusalem in 1948. Most of her recent research has been on the Israel-Palestinian conflict and has appeared widely in the media and the press. Ben White is a freelance journalist, writer, and human rights activist. He is a Cambridge graduate, and has published two books on the Israel-Palestine conflict. ****************** OPPOSITION ****************** Vivian Wineman is currently president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the representative body of the Jewish community in Britain. Hannah Weisfeld is the director and one of the founders of Yachad, the UK’s pro-Israel pro-peace movement. Previously she chaired the Jewish Social Action Forum for two years. Davis Lewin is the Deputy Director & Head of Policy and Research at the Henry Jackson Society, a global think tank that fights for the principles that keep societies free. He is also a former Middle East Director at the Next Century Foundation.