Ribbon Worm, AKA Mystery green "slime snake" caught on camera

by Super User, 9 years ago
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Spine-chilling video footage has emerged showing a mysterious snake-like creature crawling on a concrete floor and using its massive slimy tongue to look for prey.
Filmed at a port in Taiwan, the video captures the three foot long luminous green creature wriggling on the dock before shooting its bright pink tongue out of its mouth.
The footage has sparked a huge amount of debate on social media, as everybody from nature experts to science fiction fans argue over what the creature could be - with a ribbon worm so far proving the most popular conclusion.

Although ribbon worms are usually only a few milimetres long, some varieties have been known to grow much larger. There is even a mysterious variety that some scientists claim measures 177 feet, which would make it the longest living creature on earth.
Some ribbon worms are known to be green in colour, as well as coming in various shades of red, yellow and orange.
Even more convincingly they all have a large protruding tongue that can typically extend to more than three times the creature's body length.
The appendage, known as a proboscis, usually sits deep inside the animal's gut, but when hunting it fires the tongue out of its mouth, using it to hook on to prey and in some cases inject venom.