Understanding the Syrian War using Maps

by Super User, 5 years ago
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This video is a bit different from what I made before. These videos do take a lot of time and so they will always be about whatever I am interested about in that moment. This time, it is the Syrian civil war, and my goal was to make a short video that provides all the information important to understand the basic conflicts. I know that it is a controversial topic, and I tried to keep this video as neutral and informative as possible. It is not complete, the war is very complex, but I tried to provide a good starting point for everyone to do further research.

I named the series of this video "Mapped" because I will explain a lot from satelitte perspective. Note that this is heavily influenced by the ARTE series "Mit offenen Karten", which you can check out here:
Also make sure you check out Aeham Ahmad, the syrian piano player featured in this video: