The Microwave Trick? It's the easy way to heat bearings!

by Super User, 5 years ago
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How much would an induction heater cost that'd do a huge ball bearing in 90 seconds? More than I care to spend! (over $10,ooo!)
I've been saving this trick for a special occasion. You guys really came through with putting up a few bucks each on Patreon. Thank you!
We don't all have an inductive bearing heater. Very few of us have a hydraulic press, but following is the easiest/cheapest way to heat metal parts for installation. It's much safer than a torch and hot oil.
Simply wrap the metal part that you want to expand in a couple layers of wet rags. Microwave on high for a minute or two. The water in the rag will take the edge off the microwaves and prevent arching. But the beauty is that it won't get hotter than 100C or 212F, the perfect temperature for installing bearings!
This is pretty much going to put inductive bearing heaters out of business. (not really they are still good for flanges and heating above 100 C).
Also, this might go without saying, but you're gonna want to ensure the bearing has a whiff of oil on it prior to exposing it to moisture. What anybody would be doing running around with a dry bearing, I don't know, but people are sometimes, you know, idiots.
If you got a hard-ass my-way-or-the-highway bossman, throw the bearing in the oven or a vat of oil. This is an unconventional, unproven way of doing things. But it is good for a laugh and a good way to win a few beers!

Errata: Thank you to Daniel Mattsson! He pointed out my error:
"Simply too dangerous!!!

If your wife catches you... "