MiniDisc - An Appreciation

by Super User, 7 years ago
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A video about Sony Minidisc from the beginning to the end.
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In this video you'll see the first machine and the last machine as well as some in-between. There's talk about MD-LP, Net-MD and HiMD. It's a personal retrospective of a format that was loved by many people around the world but one that is all too often is judged purely on it's lack of performance in the US market.

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--------VIDEO TOPICS-------
00:00 Intro(s)
03:11 Before the launch
06:19 Disappointing Launch
09:10 ATRAC
11:52 Year Two
12:22 The Makeup of a MiniDisc
17:11 Pre-recorded MDs
19:58 How many models?
20:58 MD-LP
21:57 Net MD
24:16 Hi-MD
26:16 MZ1
27:21 MZ-N707
29:24 MZ-B10
31:48 MZ-RH1
34:36 MZ-E900
36:11 Onkyo MD-105FX
37:18 MD things not covered
38:52 Wrap-up
40:54 Muppet Outro

--------MORE INFO---------
My earlier video about DAT (Digital Audio Tape)


IMPORTANT UPDATE: +++++++++++It is possible to get Sonic Stage running on Windows 10. +++++++++
However the software is no longer officially supported or updated by Sony.

More info was posted in early comments.

Q) Why don't you do a video about (Insert format here) [e.g. UMD]
A) I aim to make a video about... EVERRRRYYYYYYY (said in the manner of Gary Oldman in Leon) Format over time. If you see something appear in one of my videos that I haven't made a separate video about - you can safely assume that a video about this item is in the planning stages. The planning stages can take me years before the video gets made.

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-------THANKS TO -------
Jerobeam Fenderson for the intro animation:
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