See Through Model Rocket Engine Burning - 4K Slow Motion

by Super User, 7 years ago
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We make a See Through Model Rocket Engine to film the inner workings in 4k Slow Motion and Ultra Slow Motion. these are standard estes model rocket engines found everywhere on the planet and i always wanted to see how the burn, i figured i would cut one in half rig it and film it in slow motion and it looked really cool and definitely educational.

Program Guide Below:

►► 01:46 1st Burn 4K - 1500 Frames Per Sec
►► 03:35 2nd Burn 4000 Frames Per Sec
►► 05:09 3rd Burn 4K - 1500 Frames Per Sec.

Things to Notice: How the 2 stages of the rocket burn differently.

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Free Jet Boundary :

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Watch this in 4k whether you have a 4k tv or not, it looks incredibly insane, in a good way. its awesome !

Directed By: Matt Mikka

Carbon 12

Matt Mikka