What does i^i = ?

by Super User, 4 years ago
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Spoiler! Value for i^i is below.

Enjoy some more e^iπ with 3blue1brown's first video:

Plus the 2017 follow-up video with extra Group Theory:

UPDATE: People have pointed out that I've been beaten to the video punch by blackpenredpen! They are also much more thorough about the multiple-value problem.

If you don’t believe my value for i^i, I appeal to Wolfram Alpha.

For those of you who just want to see the digits, here they are:

i^i = 0.20787957635076190854695561983497877003387784163176960807513588305541987728548213978860027786542603534052177330723502180819061973037466398699991126317864120573171777952006743376649542246381929737430538703760051890663033049700519005556200475866205294351834431843455027479745344769934714172383230815271481800760921074192047151878353489584821890186029582331295662952070823409567696363742039451439394183861901080820897771751705004348176454751714529894341134142...

None yet. Let me know if you spot anything!

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