Spanish Conquest of the Incan Empire

by Super User, 6 years ago
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Sorry for the double-upload - it was a compression mistake on Youtube's end.

500 years ago, atop the snowcapped Andes, in a still barely mapped continent, thousands of meters above sea level, two new empires smashed into each other, in a historical collision that reverberates into the modern day. Conquistador and Sapa Inca, men from different worlds, will clash. The arquebus and huaraca will meet and Tawantinsuyu, the Land of Four Parts Together will be undone.

The script was developed and the video was created by our good friend Cogito. Check out his channel for more historical content:

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Terence D'Altroy - The Incas Gordon
F. McEwan - The Inca New Perspectives
Nigel Davies - The Inca
Kim MacQuarrie - The Last Days of the Inca
John Hemmings - The Conquest of the Incas

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Greek Battle Music - Hercules
Civilisation 5 OST - Isabella Peace Theme and War Theme
Civilisation 5 OST - Pachacuti Peace Theme and War Theme
Civilisation 5 OST - Hiawatha War Theme
Vanhan ajan sota, taistelu, miekkailu - Ancient, old time battle