Outward Bound: Colonizing Neptune

by Super User, 6 years ago
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A look at Neptune, a potential gateway to the stars...
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The Icy Giants, Neptune and Uranus, are often overlooked for as candidates for colonizing our solar system. Even when noted, the focus tends to be on their larger moons like Triton. Today we will challenge that notion by looking at way we might place a colony on the planet itself, and how Orbital Rings and Chandelier Cities might let us colonize any gas giant. We will also look at how helium-3, a core ingredient of aneutronic fusion abundant on Neptune, might serve as the fuel of future starships, and the physics behind some other starship drives future science might give us access to, such as laser propulsion.

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Outward Bound: Colonizing Neptune
Episode 152, Season 4 E38

Isaac Arthur

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