Antique Blowtorch Restoration - with testing!

by Super User, 3 years ago
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Antique Swiss Blowtorch Restoration - with testing! Oerlikon Record

In this video i'm restoring an antique swiss blowtorch.

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I found this old blowtorch, which was perfect for a nice restoration video. Before i started to disassemble i wanted to know if it still works and it did. The flame was quiet inconsistant and fire leaked everywhere. By the first look i saw that the front piece was damaged very hard, the bolt on top had a lot of slack, the handle of the pump was broken and it didn't lock.
After this first look i started to disassemble. All the parts were really easy to remove and it went very well and fast.
To remove the soot and patina i used a mixture of flour, salz and vinegar. This is a very effective and cheap method, it takes a bit of time but it's worth to wait. I left the parts for 7 days. I made a new bolt on the lathe and recut the thread. To make the bolt black i heated it up to around 300-400°C and layed it in olive oil after it, that makes it also rust proofing. Because i couldn't fix the front piece, i decided to make a new one and it worked very well. I made the gasket for it out of an exhaust gasket, because it had one layer aluminium in it i first made a hole on the mill, then cut it roughly out and finished it with the belt grinder. Next up i removed all the scratches from the tank with sandpaper. As i can't engrave i decided to scratch the letters deeper with a needle and then i polished it. I did the same with the same with the filler cap and made a new gasket out of cork for it. The shaft from the pump was bent very hard, so i did straighten it with a hammer and polished it. As the handle from the pump was broken and it didn't lock, i decided to make a new one. I designed the handle and i was inspired by pictures of simular blowtorches on the internet, i was quiet happy with the endresult. To make a new leather for the pump, i soacked a piece of leather in pure gasoline. I made a die and stamp to bring the leather in shape. To dry it faster i set it on fire and waited until the flames stoped, held it quick under water and left it for 24 hours to dry. I took it out of the die, cut it in shape with scissors and puched a hole in it. I grinded the black handle clean with sandpaper on the lathe and made a new profile on the mill, after that i polished it to make it black and shiny. I made a new wick with a cotton cord.
Then i put it all back together. I used just a little bit grease on all the threads and also on the pump leather. The pump had a very good compression after assembling and i was very happy about the overall looking at the end.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my language. I try my best to improve my technical english.

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