In Search Of History - Oracle at Delphi (History Channel Documentary)

by Super User, 3 years ago
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Narrated by David Ackroyd

"One of the holiest sites of ancient Greece, Delphi was the pre-eminent shrine of Apollo. Cradled by Mount Parnassos and a valley of olive groves, it was also sacred to Dionysus, who was supposedly buried there. But Delphi is chiefly known for its legendary oracle the most famous of the ancient world.

Journey back to the golden age of Greece, when the mysterious oracle of Delphi predicted the futures of kings and countries. In the smoky, haunting, and hallucinogenic atmosphere of the sacred shrine, predictions were uttered by a priestess in a delirious trance and interpreted by a priest speaking in verse.

Dramatic re-creations bring the oracle to life, and leading historians explain how Delphi grew wealthy through the offerings of those seeking a glimpse at their destiny.

Explore the ruins of this mystical site with archaeologists, and see the latest discoveries that are shedding new light on the legendary city."