American Sex Slang: The SEX Alphabet with Ronnie

by Super User, 6 years ago
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Do you want to have sex with an American? Well, you're going to have to be able to TALK about sex like an American! Learn some fun and dirty sex slang in this video and start banging native speakers today! English has lots of sex vocabulary and slang. So does every language, but English is what I'm teaching. Today you'll learn more than 26 of these dirty words in English. You won't learn this in your grammar book, and you might not even find these definitions in your dictionary, but you'll hear these words on TV, on the street, and if you're lucky, in your bedroom. That's why I'm here, doing this public service…teaching you REAL English for REAL life! IELTS? Fuck IELTS! I want you to have a hard-on for learning English! After the lesson, don't go jerk off—take the quiz on engVid at: Or jerk off first if you want…but take the quiz after you're done! Uhhh... this video is not for kids.

1. Sex With Ronnie:
2. Rude slang for body parts - COCK, PUSSY, ASS, BALLS... :
3. Sex Slang: Paying for it:


Hi, guys. This is Norman Luboff. Please do not watch this video, it has very bad words. Ronnie's a very bad person. Did I mention this is Norman Luboff? Did you buy my album? It's really good. Do some good country, some really good, wholesome stuff. So, don't watch this video if you are easily offended by Ronnie or if you like to make comments about how Ronnie's rude. Instead, buy my record. It's really good, and I'm really cool.

Hey, guess what, Norman? So this guy's really old, he's... This was made... Let's see, he's got the greatest choir ever, Mr. Norman Luboff. This is actually made... I can't find a date. I'll find a date on this guy. So this guy's really old, and he doesn't want me to teach you bad things. If you don't want to hear bad things, if you don't want to listen to bad things, if you don't want to learn about sex, or if you're a child and your mom and daddy don't want you to learn about sex, please turn it off now. Are you still with me, then? Norman Luboff, popular in the 60s I'm presuming, probably learned his ABCs: A is for apple, B is for... I don't know. I'm going to teach you a different kind of ABCs. This is the dirty ABCs with Ronnie: "Sex With Ronnie." If you want to see more sex with Ronnie, I got another video for you, but this one's the ABCs of sex with Ronnie.

A is for "anus", which means "asshole", which is the part of your bum. B is for "boner" and "chubby". "Boner" and "chubby" means your dick is hard. "Dickhead" has two meanings. One, it means the top of your penis. The other way we use "dickhead" is if someone's not nice. You can say: "You're a dickhead." You're basically telling the person that they're the top of a penis. So, "erection", "boner", and "chubby" all mean the same.

"Facial" is not something your mom would get at a salon. A "facial" is when your hard boner ejaculates or there's sperm that comes, and it goes over somebody's face, covering the face with "jizz", which is for J. "Erection" is hard dick, "facial" is jizz on the face. "Glory hole" means anything that you can stick your dick in. It could be a pie, if you've seen that movie. H is for "hard-on", which again means boner.

I is for "it". When you don't want to talk about it, but you want to do it, you can say: "Do you want to do it?" And "it" just means sex. "Jizz" we've already been through. "Jerk off" is something you do by yourself when you're very lonely. K is for "knocked up", it's also a movie. K means you got the girl pregnant or you're pregnant yourself.

A "landing strip" is the pubic hair of a girl or boy that means that it's shaved or shorn so it's like an airplane, and your dick is landing in the landing strip. M is for "muff" which means the hair is everywhere. N is for "nail", but not this kind of nail. N is a verb and it means to have sex. "Old fashioned" is a doughnut, but it also means a hand job, which is the same as jerk off. "Pork", "pound", "poke", and "plow" are also verbs and they mean to have sex. Sex with Ronnie, you getting this?

Q is for "quickie" it means do it fast. R is for "rack", also known as boobs. S is for "score", hah, you just scored which means you had sex. "Tap that ass" just means to have sex, doesn't it? "Upskirt" is for U, you, this means that you... The camera angle is looking up the girl's skirt without her permission. Ladies, be careful.

V is for "vag. jj", also known as vagina. W is for "whiskey dick", this means you've drank so much whiskey that you can no longer get a boner, a chubby, an erection, or a hard-on. It can be any kind of alcohol, but "whiskey dick" went with W.