Avars | A history of the Bane of Byzantium.

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In this video, were going to cover the history of The Avars, their society, rise to power and slow downfall during the middle ages.

The Avar Khaganate was a steppe people that for centuries have been considered irrelevant in the annals of history. Yet the Pannonian Avars were a people who greatly affected the course of medieval history in eastern Europe when they reached the Carpathian Basin. Its the history of a political and military force that ruled the Pannonian plains for a quarter of a millennium.

But who were the Avars, how did they manage to remain as a prominent force in eastern Europe for so long and how were the Avar Khaganate and the Avar society structure?

These are the questions that we will cover in this video and when we're finished you will have a better understanding of Avars history and the Avars impact on European history.

Voices of the pasts video in primary sources on Attila the Hun: https://youtu.be/3Qm19wInDRM

Mr. Laster History,s video on the Magyars arrival: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXXWU3NvXY8

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