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Today we look at the lore and background stories of the Wizards from lord of the Rings. Gandalf, Saruman, Radagast and the mysterious Blue Wizards. They are the 5 Istari, sent on a secret mission to aid the people of Middle-earth, but it's difficult for them to help, when they start with conflicts among themselves.

I try to answer many questions, like how did Saruman get Isengard, what happens to Gandalf after Moria and how does he become Gandalf the White, but also Radagast's involvement in the events the led to the War of the Ring. I also talk a lot about the White Council and a bit about Galadriel and Círdan.

After a general part, I look at each Istari separately, so I repeat my self a bit in each section, but there is also something new in each section.

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Introduction: 0:00 min
The Istari General 0:27 min
The Blue Wizards 12:13 min
Radagast the Brown 16:48 min
Saruman the White 23:05 min
Gandalf the Grey 46:22 min
Gandalf the White 1:09:25 hour

##### Mistakes #####

- In the video I said the Two Towers represent Orthanc and Barad-dûr. this is mainly my own interpretation of it. I forgot that, Tolkien made this "dust jacket":

It shows Orthanc and Minas Morgol (once Minas Ithil = Tower of the Moon). But the issue is more complicated. Tolkien never intended to split the books, which was a publisher decision.

He comments on this in Letter 143:

I am not at all happy about the title 'the Two Towers'. It must if there is any real reference in it to Vol II refer to Orthanc and the Tower of Cirith Ungol. But since there is so much made of the basic opposition of the Dark Tower and Minas Tirith, that seems very misleading. There is, of course, actually no real connecting link between Books III and IV, when cut off and presented separately as a volume.

(thanks to John Jones)

- The singular of Istari (plural) is Istar. For some reason I didn't notice and use pretty much always Istari, even when the correct form would be Istar. E.g. it should be: "He was the second Istar [...]"

(thanks to John Jones)

Lore and History of the Elves and Cirdan:

#### Sources ####

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